About Core Matca

What is Core Matcha?

This is a brand selling high quality matcha called Ichibancha.
Matcha we sell is Japanese-quality matcha.

Our CEO loves matcha but he was shocked to drink matcha sold overseas because of its low grade.Therefore, we decided to sell high quality matcha.Matcha is healthy and delicious, so we are working hard hoping that people in the world would enjoy authentic matcha.Our company is run by Japanese.
Production→Processing→Quality check→Sale
All steps are done by Japanese.
We process and sell Japanese matcha in Uji, Kyoto.

About Quality

We only use Ichibancha for Core Matcha.
We can pick matcha three times – Ichibancha, Nibancha and Sanbancha – but the later has fewer ingredients, poorer taste and flavor and ochre-like color.
We saw a lot of matcha sold in the U.S. used Nibancha or Sanbancha to make latte.This type of matcha is usually sold merely for snacks in Japan.
Core Matcha uses only Ichibancha. We process matcha in a factory in Uji, Kyoto and sell the high quality matcha for a low price.
We have introduced brand-new facilities in the factory, so the factory has passed standards such as temperature, humidity and strict hygiene standards.
Also, the final check is supervised by a tea ceremony PRO, so we can offer high quality matcha.

Please try Core Matcha once!

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