What Is Healthy Matcha?

About ingredients of matcha

1 Antioxidative effect
Catechin included in matcha is one type of polyphenol and has a strong antioxidative effect.
It eliminates active enzyme, has prospective effects on anti-aging and cancer prevention and suppress the level of LDL cholesterol and absorption of fat.
Matcha includes plenty of beta-carotene and vitamin C etc. which is good at antioxidation aside from catechin.

2. Relieve stress
There is a published paper which explains that drinking matcha continuously relieves psychological and physiological stress.

3. Facilitate decomposition of fat
By drinking matcha, you can take catechin and caffeine.
From this, it is shown that women walking fast can facilitate the decomposition of fat.

4. Anti-cancer characteristic
It is said that matcha may have an anti-cancer characteristic.

5. Ingredients that support beauty and health

An ingredient that makes tannin, which is the base of tea’s rich and bitter taste.
It is said that catechin has an effect of suppressing fat, cholesterol and active enzyme.
So catechin is receiving attention regarding a diet as well as anti-aging.

A rich taste ingredient which is the base of mild sweetness of tea.
It suppresses the excitement of our brain and relaxes our nerves.
It is said that we feel relaxed and assured when we drink tea because of the teanine’s effect.
One of the ingredients which should be taken by people who feel stressed so much.

Matcha has plenty of vitamins compared to other tea types because it is made by breaking the whole tea leaves

Dietary fiber
There are two types of dietary fibers: insoluble and water-soluble. Insoluble dietary fiber stimulates intestines and facilitates evacuation. It is good for people who care about their intestinal environment

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