What Are Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea ? Is Matcha New Superfood?

Matcha has a variety of ways to enjoy, including not only drinks such as matcha latte and matcha tea, but also matcha chocolate, cookies and cake. And matcha, which has a variety of ways to enjoy it and you can adjust its bitterness and sweetness to taste, is popular regardless of age or gender.

However, many people may not know that matcha has health benefits while there are many health benefits by taking matcha. If you know it, you will love matcha more. Keep reading to figure them out!

1. Diet effect with catechin

Catechin is a type of polyphenol that has an antioxidant effect and a suppressive effect on blood sugar levels. It’s recommended for overweight measures because you don’t gain fat easily due to a slow rise in blood sugar which is great health benefit for many of us.

Catechin is contained in fruits such as persimmons and apples in addition to matcha, however it is said that matcha have a higher content than fruits. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you can lose the weight only drinking matcha tea, however it helps for diet.

2. Relax with theanine

Theanine is one of the amino acids. It activates the parasympathetic nerves and suppresses brain excitement, therefore it is said to calm elevated nerves and have a healing and relaxing effect.

As health benefit from matcha, you may drink theanine-containing matcha when you can’t sleep or have some anxiety. In addition to the relaxing effect, theanine activates the parasympathetic nerves to prepare the autonomic nerves, thereby suppressing the contraction of peripheral blood vessels. As a result, blood circulation can improve and you can sleep better while keeping your body warm.

3. Smooth skin with vitamin C

Matcha is rich in vitamins. The most important nutrient is vitamin C, which is the source of having beautiful skin. It is said that vitamin C is effective in preventing spots because it has the effect of suppressing melanin pigment. In addition, it helps to make collagen and has antioxidant effect, which is effective for anti-aging.

Speaking of vitamin C, you may imagine that fruits such as lemon contain more vitamin C. However, surprisingly, a lot of vitamin C is contained in matcha which are great benefit for women.

Vitamin C usually dissolves in water, however matcha can be consumed because tea leaves can be consumed as is. Also, vitamin C has a synergistic effect when you take with catechins. It can be said that the matcha, which contains both, is packed with ingredients that make the skin beautiful.

4. Prevent dementia with caffeine

Matcha contains 32mg of caffeine per 1g of powder. If you add 1 teaspoon (about 2g) of powder to 60ml of hot water, it will be calculated as much as coffee.

Matcha (60ml, 2g) Coffee (150ml, 10g)
Caffeine content 64mg 60mg

When it comes to caffeine, you may imagine that many people drink coffee when they are sleepy. Some people may consider it negative if they take too much caffeine, such as not being able to sleep or having an excitement. However, caffeine has the ability to activate the work of the cerebrum.

By activating it,

・Improve concentration
・Prevention of dementia and Alzheimer

If you know these health benefits of matcha, you want to take matcha every day, don’t you?

5. Improve constipation with minerals

Matcha contains minerals such as calcium which is nutrient necessary to regulate gastrointestinal movements like dietary fiber.

Dietary fiber is divided into water-soluble and insoluble and matcha contains many insoluble.
Therefore, matcha is recommended for preventing constipation because it has the effect of promoting intestinal movement. Many of women suffer from constipation, so if you take matcha, you will have great health benefit.

6. Prevent diabetes with saponin

You may have never heard of saponins. Saponin is an ingredient mainly contained in leaves and roots of legumes. Because of its antibacterial and antiviral properties, it is sometimes used in soap.

The important thing about saponin’s efficacy is that it lowers blood sugar! These days, many people who have diabetes, especially in the US, will have great health benefit from taking matcha. It is said to help prevent diabetes and overweight and to prevent allergies and is a good nutritional component for health.

Since saponin is also included in other soy products, for example, if you make matcha latte with soy milk instead of milk, you can take a lot of saponin which is good for your health. It may be difficult for some people to not usually eat matcha or soy products, however it is recommended as saponin or other nutrients can easily be taken with matcha, which has various ways of drinking and eating. As a result, you have healthier life.

To have matcha regularly is a step towards beautiful and healthy body
We have introduced 6 great health benefits of matcha based on the nutritional components and effects in it. As you know now, matcha has many health benefi

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