How to serve delicious Matcha

The way of serving matcha makes different taste and flavor.
Today, we will introduce how to serve delicious matcha.
This serving style is a royal road to making matcha

What to prepare
Matcha bowl
Bamboo spatula
Matcha powder
Tea whisk

How to serve delicious matcha

Pour hot water in the matcha bowl and
warm up the tea whisk and the bowl.

Throw hot water and
add two scoops of matcha by bamboo spatula.
Then pour a bit of hot water.
The temperature of hot water should be 70~80 degrees Celcius.
This is because we can mix it up easier with little hot water.
Please adjust the flavor to match your taste.

Swing the tea whisk back and forth and
when it is mixed up to some extent, pour hot water and start mixing again.

When bubbles arise, draw a big circle by the tea whisk and
make big bubbles disappear. Now you are done.

How to make latte
Pour milk to matcha above to taste. Then you are done.

How to make iced latte
Mix up matcha and pour a bit of hot water.
Add ice to the matcha bowl and mix them up.
After that, pour syrup etc. and milk.
It becomes so delicious if you add condensed milk and normal milk.

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